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5 Last Minute DIY Easter Decorations For Your Apartment

Easter may be just around the corner, but it isn’t too late to brighten up your place with some last minute DIY décor. For those who live in apartments, celebrating holidays can feel like a challenge, with limited decorating options due to spacial constraints and rental rules. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to set a cheerful mood this Easter, even if large items such as garlands and ceramic figures take up too much room. Why not design your own wreath with plastic legs and ribbons, or adorn the dresser, window sills and dining table with flowers and DIY bunny figurines? Here are some more imaginative, fun, crafty ideas for celebrating in your apartment -- in style!


Image courtesy of Homes & Hues.

Here are three steps to make these adorable floral creations, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

1. Break an egg at the top of its shell, drain the contents, and carefully rinse out the inside.

2. Next, fill the empty shell with room-temperature water and place it in an eggcup for stability.

3. Finally, insert small cuttings of your favorite blossoms (for example: lilacs, lily of the valley, and violas). Individually or grouped together in a centerpiece, these tiny arrangements make a wonderful addition to the place settings at your table.


Image courtesy of crafty sisters.

You'll need moss, styrofoam balls, mini pots, a hot-glue gun, a wood dowel, ribbon, and a bowl full of jelly beans -- extra if you plan on snacking as you glue! To make this adorable tiny topiaries, hot glue each jelly bean onto a pink-painted styrofoam ball, add floral foam to anchor the dowel, and top it off with moss. An Easter celebration in a pot!


Courtesy of

You'll need fabric stiffener, a bowl in the shape of the basket you plan to make, and a doily (stitched, not paper). Here are the steps, from Martha Stewart once again!

Soak doily in bowl of fabric stiffener until saturated.

2. Remove doily from stiffener and place over bowl (or along inside of bowl) to form a basket shape.

3. Allow to dry. Carefully peel dried basket from bowl.


Learn how to make this lovely Easter wreath from Decorating Ideas Made Easy. The iconic seasonal creation shown above features speckled eggs, delicate greenery and carrots.


Courtesy of Beauty & Bedlam.

Plant a jelly bean, grow a lollipop! Any space will do, from a corner in the garden to a small flower pot or even plain grass. Dig little holes and “plant” a jelly bean in each one. Let the seeds rest overnight. Once the kids fall asleep, place a lollipop where each bean had been planted. Come morning, the children will have a magical surprise! Tip: Make sure the color of the lollipop matches the color of the jelly bean seed, for continuity purposes.